Dave, founder of SEAFIRE GOURMET (previously Davez Foodz), has a life-long passion for hot sauces and spicy foods, starting with the earliest memory of sibling rivalry while eating at Asian restaurants of who can eat the most wasabi and hot chili sauce and take the burn the longest.

What started as a medical emergency for my wife’s son and her search for an alternative way for him to make a living using his Gourmet cooking skills, resulted in Dave’s quest to start experimenting with making hot sauces in our home kitchen.

Many recipes later, Dave had formulated a red chili sauce people absolutely loved.  This sauce had a wonderful flavor with a little sweetness and a nice spicy heat, approachable by many.  Sweet Spicy Girl, Dave’s first hot sauce, was born.  Friends and family loved Sweet Spicy Girl and encouraged Dave to take the next step and bottle the sauce and sell it.

At SEAFIRE GOURMET, we use only the freshest ingredients including chili peppers we personally pick in Washington state’s Yakima Valley.  We do all of this to ensure customers are delighted with the uncompromising spicy great taste of all our products.

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At SeaFire Gourmet, It's About Taste!